How to Pass OCAJP Swiftly

I have no idea. It takes efforts.


I started programming since 2014 but my Java experience is only about two and half years. Recently I decided to get my java certificated by Oracle.

There’re two steps to become Oracle Certificated Professional Java Programmer. OCAJP is the first step. Since it’s simple, I set my goal to get 100% score.

Study Guide

I use the study guide “ “, you can find it at Amazon. It’s about 450 pages, only 400 pages are usful in my opinion. And it has some minor errors, you should find them out during the study. I leart it two times and made some notes.

Time Spend

This process took me about 2 weeks, 4 hours during work days and 8 hours on weekends. I also published some blogs about this.


My goal was 100% pass, but I didn’t achieve it, although got a decent score. So I have to say, if you want to get a 100%, there is no easy way.


  1. Don’t skip details
  2. Do some mock up tests if possible. I didn’t do it but people said it’s helpful

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