Integrate Spring Boot and Angular

Setup a project with Spring Boot and Angular.

Why do you want to integrate Spring Boot and Angular

  1. For instance, Jhiperster, integrate them in one project
  2. Two seperate projects, integrate with APIs.

A Webapp folder in Spring Boot project

  1. Set up Spring boot project from initializer

    Spring Initializr

  2. Generate a Webapp using Angular CLI

    In src/main folder, do

     ng new webapp
  3. Move configuration files

    • Remove node_modules
    • Move config files from webapp to root directory. We do this because we want to leave only the public files in Webapp folder.
      • Move App from webapp/src/ to webapp/
      • Move config files (not dirs) from webapp/e2e/ to root
      • Move config files from webapp/src/ to root
  4. Update configuration files
    • angular.json
    • tsconfig.e2e.json
    • tsconfig.json
    • tsconfig.spec.json
    • protractor.conf.js
    • karma.conf.js
  5. Set up frontend-maven-plugin in pom.xml

             <id>install node and npm</id>
             <id>npm install</id>
             <id>npm run build</id>
               <arguments>run build:prod</arguments>

    npm run build command will execute the build task described in package.json. By default, angular-cli will write the files in the src/main/web/dist directory, but we’ve changed the dist directory to target/webapp.

    Now, run mvn clean install from project root dir

  6. Set up NodeJS

Angular project comsumes Spring Boot API


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